Friday, 15 July 2011

St Moriz Instant Tan

Summer is here (apparently?!) so we all want to look our best and having a tan can really boost a girl's confidence and make her look glowing and healthy.
I've tried so many instant tans, gradual tans, tanning wipes etc, and can honestly say that St Moriz is one of the best!
St Moriz comes in a spray, mouse and now 'glitz', which is a liquid with a touch of shimmer.
I have never tried the 'glitz', personally I prefer a matte finish as I feel it looks more natural, however for a night out some girls may like a bit of shimmer ;-)
If anyone would like me to review the 'glitz' version, just drop me an e-mail :-)
When I first tried St Moriz I was a bit doubtful, i'd heard good things about it but wondered how a self tan that was so cheap could be so good??..
First I tried the spray, the end colour was good however the application was quite tricky, although I find this will all brands. I have always found it's harder to know how much tan (or if any) you have applied in which area. Spray can also get a bit messy as the spray particles tend to go everywhere!
So, because I was happy with the colour, I decided to try the moouse.
And the moouse is amazing!
While studying at college, when doing spray tans we use Fake Bake. I actually find St Moriz gives an equally as good colour as this, and Fake Bake is about four times the price! I have noticed if some of the lotion spills onto the side of the bottle it has a greeny tone to it rather than orange.

When you first pump the moouse out, it's easy to be scared and concerned about how dark it is!
But once it's been applied to the skin it does tone down and looks like a nice natural tan,
One little fault with St Moriz moouse is that before you wash it off it can look a bit 'muddy'. But if you apply it before you go to bed then wash it off in the morning, nobody will have to see ;-) (just don't do it sleeping on white bed sheets!)

Always apply the moouse tan with a tanning mitt (I will soon do a review on a few different tanning mitt's), this helps give a really good, even coverage and will prevent streaks. It also stops your hands from going bright orange!

The St Moriz tan is instant and usually lasts around 7-10 days. Not bad for a cheap self tan!

If anyone ever asks which self tan to use, I always say St Moriz. It's super cheap
(although in the past few months I have noticed the price of this go up, probably due to it's increased populairty), usually around £3.50, gives a great colour and lasts a good amount of time.

Here are the products available from St Moriz, some of which I will review soon:

St Moriz Glitz Shimmering Bronzing Body Souffle 125ml (12 UNITS) - Click Image to Close
'glitz' tanning lotion - added shimmer (125ml)

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse 200ml - Medium (12 UNITS) - Click Image to Close
moouse - reviewed on this blog (200ml)

St Moriz Self Tan Applicator Mitt (12 UNITS) - Click Image to Close
tanning mitt

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist Spray 150ml (12 UNITS) - Click Image to Close
mist/spray (150ml)

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse 200ml - Dark (12 UNITS) - Click Image to Close
moouse - dark, good for darker girls who want to be a bit darker/tanned

St Moriz Bronzing Powder 9.0g - Light (12 UNITS) - Click Image to Close
bronze and shimmer powder

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  1. I really like the mousse, tried the spray and its rubbish! Only thing is im really pale and find with the normal mousse I have to apply a few coats to get some colour, going to try the 'dark' one next time I think :)