Friday, 2 September 2011

2true Liquid Eyeliner

Ive tried SO many liquid eyeliners as I wear it almost daily, and in all honesty.. this is one of the best ever!
And the best bit? It's £1.99!
These are available in waterproof (blue) and non waterproof (black)

To be honest, I didnt find a huge difference in the water resistance of them (I will upload my before and after water attack pictures soon!)

However, these are amazing, especially at such a bargain price.
The packaging is nice (personally more a fan of the black and pink) and theyre so easy to use. Alot of liquid eyeliners Ive used previously have had very flimsy tips, which means they're very hard to control.
The tip on the 2true eyeliner is very rigid and has a good handle so is very easy to control, helping to get a good straight line close to lash line on the lid without nearly poking your eye out!
The only liquid eyeliner I've seen with rigid tips like this is MAC, but at around £14 a tube, I think I know which one I'd rather go for!
In fact, the MAC one is probably a bit too thick, meaning you need to sometimes narrow the line with a wet wipe. 2true's seem to have the perfect balance.
The eyeliner dries matte rather than glossy which is a bit of a shame but doesnt make a huge difference. It also dries really quick which is great.

I've only seen 2true in Superdrug but believe it can be brought online too. 2true also have a perminant deal of 3 items for £4.99, and if they're as good quality as the eyeliner i'll certainly be trying more of their products out!

Soap & Glory Shampoo and Conditioner

I love Soap & Glory products, not only for the girly packaging and cool names, but mainly for the smells!
I didn't know they had a shampoo and conditoner in their range until my friend gave me full sized bottles of each!

I'll start with the shampoo (as you should do anyway when wasing your hair :-P)

It's called  Glad Hair Day. Nice retro, pretty packaging.
The first thing you notice when you open the lid is the amazing smell! A really fresh, almost fruity smell. you can defenitley tell this is a Soap and Glory shampoo from the smell!
It contains raspberry fruit vinegar, panthenol, glycerin and phytantriol.
Claims to be suitable for all hair types, always handy. And has a no build up formula, which although it feels a TINY bit 'heavy' on first impressions, is defenitley true. After using this for around 4 weeks i can say not once did my hair feel weighed down. Because there is no build up, it's suitable for daily use.

Once applied to my hair, the smell was still there, lovely :-)
This shampoo lathers very well and a little goes a long way.
Once rinsed my hair did feel nice and soft, I also noticed a bit more of a shine too.
Also, the day after I'd washed my hair with this my boyfriend said my hair smelt nice! (he didn't know I was trying out anything new either)

Glad Hair Day comes in two sizes. 50ml (perfect for trying it out!) and 250ml.
50ml is priced around £2 and 250ml is priced around £5.50-£6.
Both available from Boots:

... Now for the Conditioner

From the same Glad Hair Day range, so the same yummy smell!
A good thick consistency but not too much that it weighs your hair down (again, claims no build up)
Can be left on for a minute or so as a general conditioner or longer (around 8-10 minutes) as a mask.
Lovely conditioner and made my hair feel nice and soft and smelling lovely.

At around £5.50, there are cheaper conditioners around. And to be fair both the shampoo and conditioner smell the same as you'll already get the gorgeous smell from the shampoo, so don't get the conditioner just for that. It is thick, and it does condition well but I would personally probably just buy the shampoo in future and a cheaper conditioner. Although the packaging is lovely and girly!

Frankie x